Priority Only Sound

ermine how you would like to handle Reminders and Android Tutorial: Set Up Priority Only Sound

Android 5 (Lollipop), released in June 1914, introduced the concept of Priority Only notification sound control (both sound and vibration). This feature allows you to switch into Priority only mode (Do not Disturb) in which you can control what types of notifications will trigger sound on your phone. This includes Reminders, Events (calendar), Messages and Calls. If, for instance you want to avoid interruptions from "RoboCalls" you can set Priority Only to ring your phone only for people on your contact list. This tutorial shows you how to set this up on android phones. The approach below is applicable to phones using a stock Android user interface (skin) such as the Google Pixel line and Moto line. Samsung and other manufactures provide their own skin on top of android so the steps below will be slightly different for those phones.

Bring up any screen on your phone

Swipe Down from top of screen

Tap the gear icon (see below)

Select Sound

Select Do Not Disturb preferences

Select Priority Only

Determine how you would like to handle Reminders and Events.

Tap Messages and/Or Calls

Your choices look like this below.

Chose “from Contacts Only”

Note also, The last option "Repeat callers" which would allow emergency calls to get through on the second try.

Now go back to your home screen and swipe down from the top again

Touch the pull down carrot as shown below to bring up the quick selection menu

On the Quick Menu tap the DO Not Disturb icon (as seen below) and it will toggle to Priority only.

You are now set. Only calls and messages will be heard from people on your calling list. Other calls and messages will come in but you will hot hear a notification or feel a vibration. You can turn this on or off by just repeating the last two steps.